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Today, no popular pooch can stay away from their siblings in trouble. If your dog catches glances on the streets and gets likes online, the Dognate project will help them be more responsible.

With staya's digital pet accessories, each home pup will be able to take advantage of its popularity and lend a helping paw to the dogs in trouble.

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And here's a responsible pup sticker pack, Dognate content creation tools, and challenges from celebrity participants to help gain popularity and manage it online.

Turn every sign of attention given to your dog into a good deed!

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With new pet accessories from staya, each responsible pup will be able to tell how to make a donation to the Dobro Vmeste fund and help homeless dogs. Just scan the NFC tag in the collar or harness and go to the donation page.

staya is not only pet gear, but a way for self-expression and continuation of a personal style for humans.

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“Dobro Vmeste” is a crowdfunding platform where you can help animals in two clicks. The project doesn't take commissions, provides transparent reports and allows you to track the progress of your beloved ward.